How to Shift from Reactionary RFP Responses to Richer, More Contextually Relevant Proposals

Excellent, highly effective proposals don’t occur in a vacuum. They are the end result of great process that begins with a conversation between the buyer and your firm.

In an article called Designing Better Proposals that I recently wrote for Association for Accounting Marketing for their member-only AAM Minute newsletter (originally posted by AAM here), I provided an introduction for CPA-firm marketing professionals to help their firms make the shift from reactionary RFP responses to deeper, richer, more contextually relevant proposals.

The article discusses:

  • challenges that arise in the typical firm’s proposal process
  • generic proposal content — why it happens and how to improve
  • steps for a solid proposal that aligns with decision makers’ preferences
  • why options in proposals make all the difference, and a framework for constructing them

Hope this gets you thinking about ways to enhance your process and your documents.

If you want to talk about how to build these practices into your culture and to learn how to “price with options” like a pro, contact me below.